Public opinion survey

Istrazivanje javnog mnijenja

Public opinion survey

In August 2022. a telephone survey was conducted

on a random representative sample of thousand legal citizens

of the Republic of Croatia. The research examined the awareness about the

milk production processes, and these are the results of the study:

92,1 % of public do not support the practice of separating calves from their mothers on the same day they are born. – graphical display
68,4 % of public do not know that cows on dairy farms produce milk because they gave birth. - graphical display
73,4 % of public do not even know that it is common praxis in milk production to take the calf away from the mother right after birth! - graphical representation
81.7 % of public do not know that cow’s milk contains pus, blood, and feces! - graphical display
85,1% of respondents of independent research find it misleading to advertise milk products by showing cows that are happy or live like queens if, in reality, they do not! - graphic display and words of our research can be seen on the following link.