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Looking for a Queen

Kravica 1

We will tell you a story about a brave little girl named Petra, whose life threw her a series of unfortunate events. Her biggest wish is to reunite with her mom, which she lost at an early age. She is one of those of nearly tangible kindness, what those who can look with their hearts can read as soon as they see her. She has the cutest little pink nose, always warm, even on the days when snow covers the ground. Then is when she likes to catch the snowflakes with the same little nose and count how many she sized. Her eyes, accentuated with the longest eyelashes in the world, mirror kindness. Her step is always easy, and she is like a morning dew. She is curious and full of the joy of life.

„Help me find my mom I don’t know much about her because we have spent too little time together I remember the song she used to sing to me. She had the most beautiful voice! I would give anything so that song could put me to sleep. My biggest joy was to tuck myself in her embrace and feel her warmth. But my mom disappeared quickly. She is nowhere to be found, and I can’t find her. don’t know why she left me; I don’t know why she would leave me; I don’t know what I have done wrong.”

Kravica 2

“Every night I dream the same dream..
Mom’s scent is so close to me and then I feel cold again, and I am alone as the day that I lost her. I snap and see that she is gone, that I am far away from her. need to remember everything; it’s the only way to find her!”

Kravica 3

„I dreamt of her again I dreamt that same day. And an uninvited Guest walked into my dream. Mom became so sad then, and I was happy to meet yet another someone in my life. I don’t know why mom cried. I tried to get closer to her, but I couldn’t. She was further and further. She wasn’t mad that I wanted to meet the Guest? Suddenly she was so far away that I couldn’t see her.

„Mom, please, don’t be mad at me!” – I shouted as loud as I could and snapped out of the dream. I hope she heard me…”

Kravica 4

“I’ve never been this cold. Everything is freezing. I was lying in the middle of a huge room, alone. I was scared of the darkness behind me and the light in front of me… A big fence held me here. The Guest would pass behind the fence every day when everything would go quiet. I need to know why mom is mad at me; I have to get back to her! I ran strongly ahead, and I haven’t stopped. I ran away!”

Kravica 5

She ran like lightning. She jumped over every rock and log, and running, she touched butterflies with her nose! It seems as though she forgot her problems briefly. It was so much fun for her. Then a little long ears appeared. It had been a while since she had seen anyone, so she had to stop. She thought he might have seen her mom! He told her his name was Bunny.

“I saw the same you, just bigger. I think your mom is a Queen and her Kingdom is big”, said Bunny to her query, with sadness in his eyes.

“If my mom is a Queen, might she live in a golden palace surrounded by lush orchards with the most delicious red apples and green grass? – she asked him.

He just stayed quiet and hopped away. She began to run faster, more sure and more energetic because she found out something new about her mom!

Kravica 6

It looks as if she has found a new friend! Bunny followed her secretly all the way and made sure she didn’t go astray. When she stopped resting for a while, he came to her with a giant carrot. She took this opportunity to find out more about her mom.

She asked him: “Bunny, what does my mom look like?”

Bunny said: “You have the cutest little pink nose, always warm, even on the days when the ground is covered with snow, just like your mom. Your eyes, mirroring kindness, are accentuated with the longest eyelashes in the world, just like your mom’s. Your step is always light and soft, just like your mom’s. You are curious and full of the joy of life joy, just like your mom is.”

“And Bunny, what does the kingdom my mom lives in look like?” she continued all tender and hopeful.

“I was afraid you were going to ask me that. It is a kingdom where they don’t act royally. The moms don’t live in golden palaces and don’t live like queens. Instead, every day their kids are stolen and taken away. Here, moms can only dream of lush orchards and green grass”.

“That’s not true!” – she said with a frowning face: “If my mom is a Queen, then she has lush orchards to run around, she can pick succulent fruits as she wishes, and she lives happily. That is how queens live! I will find this kingdom alone, and I don’t want to see you again!” – she said and ran her way.

Kravica pismo EN

Convinced her mom was undoubtedly looking for her and she wouldn’t leave her just like that, the Princess decided to sent a letter. She could not just enter the Kingdom and look for her mom; she was too afraid because of everything she had discovered. New friends, who took her to safety, helped her to write the letter. They promised to give their best to find her mother and the truth about that Kingdom.

We thank you for reading this story about little Petra, who is searching for her mom, the Queen. Driven by the fact that Belje, in the name of the Kravica Kraljica (Cow Queen) brand, narrates to the entire public fairytales about how their cows live like queens, we also decided to tell our version – also symbolic as a fairytale. Our fairytale is brutal and sad; just as brutal and sad is the whole milk industry. Our fairytale was told by the victim of the milk industry – a calf.

It is undeniable that every milk farm takes their children away in order to take their milk, and in that the cows and the calves suffer greatly. After serving their “production life” of approximately 4.5 years, the cows are murdered, as are the male calves, which cannot produce milk. This kind of treatment is not “royal” at all, so we publicly call out Belje and “Kravica Kraljica” brand makers. Our campaign #lookingforaqueen aims to familiarize consumers with the brutal truth hidden behind the carton of milk in their fridges.