Animal Friends Croatia just published a shocking video with scenes of the separation of mothers and children, filmed on farms in Europe and throughout the World! It is the continuation of the campaign and the reaction to the expected missing reply from company Belje, that were harshly called out last week in a letter about deceiving advertising through brand “Kravica Kraljica”- “Cow Queen”. Association Animal Friends Croatia presented very disturbing facts about the dairy industry and asked for a permission to, at one of the Belje’s dairy farm, film standard procedures after the birth of calf and to allow the public to independently evaluate whether calves are separated from their mothers and if such a treatment is royal.

With the new campaign Animal Friends Croatia do not refer to the conditions in which animals on the farms who provide milk for brand Kravica Kraljica live, but to the indisputable fact that all the milk that reaches their colorful packaging was taken from the calves for which that milk was intended. The videos from other farms show mother cows who unsuccessfully run after their children, newly born calves in isolated boxes, and also shown are the last moments of male calf and cow, filmed in the slaughterhouse. Narration of the video is in child’s voice and as such describes the calf Petra with which Animal Friends Croatia started the whole campaign, and about which you can find more on the homepage.

As they state, newly born calves on the farms that supply the dairy in which products Kravica Kraljica- are immediately separated from the mothers. The separation presents extreme stress to the mothers and to the children. In nature, cows spend up to 14 months with the calf, until it becomes independent. They form strong bonds with them, exchange tenderness and protect them, as same as human mothers do with their children.

Most of the cows on dairy farms are exhausted and their “production period” ends by the fifth year and are then sent to be slaughtered, and parts of their body are used for meat products. Female calves, after they are grown, await the same fate as their mothers: cycle of continuous insemination, giving birth, taking away their children and turning them into the milking machines. The male calves after they are around 20 days old are sent for fattening and the final station for them is, as same as for all dairy industry victims, the slaughterhouse.

„We believe that all would agree that the mentioned procedures, that are the standard practice on all larger farms, cannot be described as “royal”. For crimes such as deprivation of motherhood and taking the children away and the exploitation of cows’ natural bodily processes for the so-called human needs, if performed to humans, could only be life imprisonment. Therefore, it is unethical and humiliating to call enslaved cows royal. This is nothing less than covering up the true treatment towards animals and manipulation of the public”, Animal Friends Croatia state.

The Association adds how they wish for public to know the truth about the circle of hell of forced insemination and taking away the children from the cows, as well as for people to think about turning away from animal milk. That is how they will help the animals, environment and their own health.